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Welcome to Skate Along USA



744 Beaver Ruin Rd. Lilburn, GA 30047  770-921-0800



Skate Along USA is family owned and operated. Providing a fun, healthy, family friendly environment is our main focus. We encourage and appreciate Parental Involvement. Bring the ENTIRE family out to skate with us!


Mrs. Chris and Mr. Chris Salome


Important Information For All Customers:


Skate Along USA plays games and holds races during some of our sessions.


Participation in any event (including regular open skating) is done so at your own risk.  Falls, resulting in possible injury is inherent in any sport; including roller skating and associated games and races.


Skate Along USA is not responsible for any injury sustained to any skater or spectator while on our premises. Participation is at the sole discretion of the individual. 


Skate Along USA is not liable for any injury to any skater or spectator.


By entering this facility and participating in any event, while on skates, or not, patrons are liable for any injury sustained.


When management is made aware of an injury to any patron, assistance will be offered to the extent possible.  For more severe injuries, we will offer to call 911 for further assistance.  It will be up to the patron as to whether assistance by 911 is accepted or not.  Any costs associated with assistance provided by 911 providers will be the sole responsibility of the patron.  Skate Along USA is not responsible for any expenses relating to care received by 911-related treatment.


If you do not wish to be liable for your own safety, please do not enter this establishment.


  Thank you,







  • Minimum 2 Hours

  • (starting) $200.00 per hour

  • $200.00 deposit

  • 20 Guests

  • $10 additional per extra Guest (up to 30 additional guests)

  • Skate Rental Included

  • Music Provided

  • You may bring your own Playlist

  • Call 770-921-0800 to book

A few of the videos that were  filmed at Skate Along USA!

 * SKATE ASSISTS are NOT rented on Friday Nights and after 6:00pm On Saturdays. 

*  ALL skates MUST have toe stops or toe plugs to be used on our floor. If there is a place for a toe stop, you must have one. NO EXCEPTIONS.

*  Private Parties or Special Events may result in changes to our schedule with very little notice. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

*  Please call us at 770-921-0800 if you have questions, check the hours or book a party or private event.


*  Session times and prices are always posted at the Admission Window. 

*  Skate Along USA is not responsible for any injuries sustained to any skater or spectator while on our premises.   

*  Participation is at the sole discretion of the individual.  

*  If you are not confident in your abilities, please do not attempt to skate.

                           ****EVERYONE SKATES AT THEIR OWN RISK****



We post pictures, specials, upcoming events and information

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